Charles Schwab

Charles Schwab are currently the 14th largest banking institution in the United States. Offering a range of services and trading strategies, the firm are known for their free trade commission charges and extensive investor education.

6.53% of users choose Charles Schwab

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  1. Joe Tetcher

    This is a ghost company. I have written and phoned on many occasions and the quality of service is the absolute worst I have ever experienced. There is no sense at all that anyone in this company takes responsibility for anything, or that there is any central, reliable information database.

  2. Robert Mccolgan

    Worst trading software for options I have ever encountered.
    Street smart software freezes up all the time.
    Trading vertical on their all-in-one trading software often says unable to complete trade and to go to manual entry.
    A lot of strike prices not being loaded in their system

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