Charles Schwab

Charles Schwab are currently the 14th largest banking institution in the United States. Offering a range of services and trading strategies, the firm are known for their free trade commission charges and extensive investor education.

6.53% of users choose Charles Schwab

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  1. Theodore Shapiro

    I trade bonds, mainly. Recently, I decided to diversify my Charles Schwab portfolio with some mutual funds, but the fees were extortionate, so I’ve gone elsewhere!

  2. Calvin

    Customer service is great. Free trading on ETFs and stocks makes Schwab my platform of choice!

  3. Dwayne Redgrave

    The educational program could be structured more clearly. Research is great, however.

  4. Brett

    Bond fees are super low, so I trade with Schwab. Always have, always will!

  5. Rebecca Cartwright

    A $25,000 deposit seems a little steep, but personally, I can’t complain. Charles Schwab conduct excellent research and my portfolio looks great.

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