Established in 1982, E-Trade is a subsidiary of Morgan Stanley, offering access to a variety of financial assets and services, including but not limited to trading, margin lending, online banking, and cash management services.

8.21% of users choose E-Trade

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  1. Wesley Holden

    When it comes to the facilities of E-Trade, I have no complaints. The instruments are varied, the fees are reasonable. However, the speed and efficiency of customer service is severely limited.

  2. Tyler Miller

    E-Trade rocks. I’m a relative amateur, but I haven’t had any issues with the platform since I began trading. I wish margin trading rates were lower though.

  3. Rhea Weston

    I use E-Trade’s mobile app on a daily basis. It’s simple for the average trader. Great service!

  4. Rebecca Eckhart

    All in all, E-Trade offers a good variety of services and securities. The platform would stand to benefit from some direct international trading and data, however!

  5. Riley

    I really wish E-Trade consolidated my outside accounts. A more complete analysis of my finances would really make this service better.

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