EXANTE is a multi-asset trading platform and investment company established in 2011. The firm currently offers access to over 50 markets in Europe, the U.S. and Asia. The firm prides itself on the breadth of its instrument reach and its forward-thinking approach to the future of finance.

18.47% of users choose EXANTE

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  1. Timothy Jones

    I’ve been utilising EXANTE’s trading platform for three years. Having dealt with a variety of trading sites in the past, I never found a system that could juggle all of the instruments in my portfolio. EXANTE makes that process accessible and straightforward. All in all, superb!

  2. John Aubert

    I’m a relatively small-time investor, so I found EXANTE’s offering overwhelming. Thankfully, the sheer size and scope of the apparatus was helpfully outlined by a very friendly, forthcoming customer service team. Would definitely recommend the service to those looking to get started in the world of trading and investment.

  3. Andrew Rollnick

    EXANTE provides a fantastic service for those looking to diversify. I currently trade in a variety of global markets, and EXANTE has provided me with ample space to leverage my assets. I love the app too – it makes trading easy when on the move!

  4. Sarah

    Predominantly, I trade in stocks and bonds. EXANTE’s platform makes balancing my assets hassle-free and accessible. A little confusing at times, but customer service is second to none!

  5. Helena Russo

    My personal account manager was incredibly helpful when setting up my profile. I have used other services before, but EXANTE stands head and shoulders above the rest, especially when it comes to response times!

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