Managing the accounts of 32 million individual investors, Fidelity is a large American multinational finance corporation, offering a wide range of options in the realm of trading and wealth management. Established in 1946, Fidelity has a decorated history of accomplishments within the field of finance.

4.10% of users choose Fidelity

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  1. Benjamin Curtis

    For those looking to day trade at a low rate, Fidelity is ideal. There’s a heavy focus on cash management so you can ensure you’re always making informed investment decisions.

  2. Matthew Finney

    I really like Fidelity’s ‘money market fund.’ It allows me to set aside all of my uninvested cash for future use. The news feed is customisable and comprehensive. Great platform.

  3. Sam

    Fidelity is a varied investment company, but I’m a bit disappointed they still haven’t added options on futures to their list of securities.

  4. Harrison

    Having to manually refresh the data on the website proves frustrating. It’s a bug that needs fixing ASAP. Other than that, I’m happy with the service.

  5. Grace

    Fidelity’s trade execution engine is pretty good and keeps price improvement rates high. Customer service is sufficient.

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