LCG (London Capital Group)

Established in 1997, LCG has over twenty years of experience in the world of complex trading, offering services in stocks, bonds, forex and crypto instruments, among others. With first-class client support and an extensive selection of tradable securities, LCG provides a professional platform for all types of investors.

6.34% of users choose LCG

Comments (05)

  1. Spencer

    LCG have been my trading choice for the better part of six years. There are some minor niggles and qualms, but I’ve been thoroughly satisfied with the service on the whole.

  2. George Hall

    With no withdrawal or deposit fees, LCG is practical with a good selection of securities.

  3. Michael Richmond

    Great for trading traditional securities. I wish LCG would branch out and start incorporating some crypto assets on the platform!

  4. Chris

    LCG would be a much more alluring broker if they offered a PayPal deposit option!

  5. Jessica McGarvey

    Support channels are fantastic. Easy to set up, easy to use. Good stuff!

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