M1 Finance

Founded just five years ago in 2015, M1 Finance are somewhat new to the game of investment, working out of Chicago with a small, dedicated team. Setting themselves apart from the competition, M1 offers a unique ‘robo-trading’ service, allowing users to utilise robotically directed investment tools to maximise ROI potential.

2.80% of users choose M1 Finance

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  1. Gerhard

    Love the design of the app and the platform, especially the investment pie options. Such a wonderful metaphor and minimalist approach. I decided to close my regular brokerage account and transfer the funds to M2. It’s the fourth day my account has been placed on pause or hold. No response from customer service other than standard acknowledgment of receipt of message. Still, the design beats all other fun tech designs out there. Too bad about the speed of service and response.

  2. Trevor

    They have no desktop version so at the moment you become a bit more versed in the area, you should leave it immediately + their customer support lags and tends to answer only after a couple of days.

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