M1 Finance

Founded just five years ago in 2015, M1 Finance are somewhat new to the game of investment, working out of Chicago with a small, dedicated team. Setting themselves apart from the competition, M1 offers a unique ‘robo-trading’ service, allowing users to utilise robotically directed investment tools to maximise ROI potential.

2.80% of users choose M1 Finance

Comments (07)

  1. Tony Slater

    Automated portfolio management is an incredibly useful tool. I’ve made some substantial ROIs since trading with M1. Happy with the service!

  2. Jacob Garrison

    Inactivity fees are unnecessarily harsh. The ability to attain set goals is also cumbersome. Not the best service in the world, that’s for sure.

  3. Kate Reid

    M1 allows me to trade fractional shares and build my portfolio with flexibility. Generally satisfied with the quality.

  4. Gavin Spragg

    Trade on margin fees are fantastic. Took me next to no time to get set up. Friendly, forthcoming customer services. Pleased.

  5. Bethany

    Pie portfolios are the best! Easy to visualise all of my assets and securities. Staying diversified is easy with this M1!

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