Headquartered in London, Revolut is a British financial company founded in 2015. A relatively new firm, Revolut was set up with the express intention of being a FinTech forerunner in years to come.

7.46% of users choose Revolut

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  1. Greg Gershwin

    I became a Revolut subscriber a few months ago. I wasn’t expecting much, but the platform pleasantly surprised me. The app is useful, but would be made better if they didn’t insist on changing the layout so often!

  2. Elena Lovejoy

    Prices on international investments are competitive, as are exchange rates. Good service.

  3. Paul Umbridge

    Trading orders are executed swiftly and with no hassle. The layout can be confusing with the amount of updates we’re subjected to as customers, but that’s only a minor drawback.

  4. Robert Davies

    A recent security update has proved to be a pain in the backside. I used to use Revolut on multiple devices, now I can’t! Sort it out!

  5. Anthony Mansell

    Revolut has been my trading platform for three years. Service is always top-notch.

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