Robinhood offers a mobile app and website where clients can invest in stocks, ETFs and options through Robinhood Financial, and crypto trading through Robinhood Crypto. Offering a wide selection of trading instruments and techniques, Robinhood’s platform is built around the demands of a constantly evolving marketplace.

2.61% of users choose Robinhood

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  1. Natalie Klein

    I trade in crypto. Robinhood is a great platform for Bitcoin traders like myself. It’s entirely commission-free. Love it!

  2. Edith Begley

    For the most part, Robinhood keeps my portfolio healthy and diversified. I would like to see more mutual funds though!

  3. Niamh

    Robinhood offer a streamlined interface for a variety of instruments and securities. The selection is great, yet customer service leaves much to be desired.

  4. Luis

    The amounts of securities and instruments that are commission free is fantastic! I love Robinhood! Great services!

  5. Darren Phillips

    I like Robinhood, but the customer support is severely limited. Needs sorting out!

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