Saxo is an Danish bank and investment firm that provides online trading and investment services. Founded in 1992, Saxo operates a trading platform with the added benefit of a certified banking license.

4.85% of users choose Saxo

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  1. Ali

    They have an incredible amount of hidden fees. For example say you are trading GBP and have bought an american stock i.e apple. if you have made a profit because the value of your american stock went up then Saxo will try their absolute best to take about 30-35% of your profit in ‘random’ fees. such as 30% conversion P/L. So if you have made a $500 profit you will only see about £230 even though $500 converted to GBP should be close to £370. Please avoid this brokerage unless you are a seasoned veteran.

  2. Kevin

    real time prices’ freazes – A LOT or the chart is out of sinc with the price on the instrument list. which makes it hard even with slow moving shares but impossible to catch a bounce on something like the Wirecard crash and bounce scenario, where there are large profits and losses to be made and the chart freazes for a whole minute, which can mean thousands lost. I have decided , after a month of this to try another platform.

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