Priding their business model on ‘do-it-yourself’ investing, Tastyworks were founded in 2017 and currently offer a variety of trading services. With a multitude of alluring sign-up offers, this new-fangled platform is proving a force to be reckoned with in the world of finance.

2.24% of users choose Tastyworks

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  1. Daniel Graham

    I’ve been with Tastyworks for about a year now as I’ve had serious technical issues with Interactive brokers before that. I went to them because they seem to be the only broker that offers free stock trading to Europeans as well and the option commissions are the lowest in the market.

    Their platform works alright to excecute orders with. A bit too many clicks in my opinion to adjust an order and basic order types, but it does the trick and the fills have always been good. That said, this is not a platform to use for charting, you really need something else for that or you will be extremely limited.

  2. Matthew

    Stop charging ridiculous fees for withdrawals ($40) and exercising warrants ($50). These charges have forced me to leave the company

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